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Set up the Bowdoin VPN on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

If you do not have VPN access you may request access by filling out the VPN access request form.

Configuring the Bowdoin VPN Manually

1. On your device, choose Settings > General > Network > VPN 
2. Choose Add VPN Configuration
3. Choose IPSec
4. Fill out the following information:

Description: Bowdoin

Server: vpn.bowdoin.edu

Account: Your Bowdoin email address (ex. bear@bowdoin.edu)

Password: your Bowdoin email password

Use Certificate: OFF

Group Name: Bowdoin

Secret: Get the Secret or "Shared Secret" from the secure VPN web page.

5. Set the Proxy to off
6. Click Save

vpn mobile settings

Turning the VPN on or off

1. Once you've created a VPN configuration choose Settings from your Home Screen.
2. VPN will be listed.
3. Slide the switch to on or off.
4. Type in your Bowdoin password.

switch on vpn

5. You will know that you are connected when you see the VPN symbol in the top left corner of your screen. The VPN may disconnect when your device goes into hibernation (sleep) mode.

vpn is on

* The VPN is meant for off campus use and will not work while connected to Bowdoin wireless. 

** Additional information about the VPN and the VPN Policy.

Document author:
Juli Haugen
Last modified:
Jul 17, 2014