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Move your Bowdoin Email into a Yahoo Mail account

NOTE:  E-mail is considered an official method of communication at Bowdoin College because it delivers information conveniently, is cost effective and environmentally friendly.  Even though email delivery can never be guaranteed, forwarding messages to an outside email provider reduces the reliability of email delivery.

To support the College’s ability to communicate important information to all of its constituents, a policy has been enacted that expects all members of the campus community to either:

  1. Maintain and actively monitor the original e-mail account that was first assigned to them by the College or
  2. "Pop" your Bowdoin email to your outside email provider.

The following are instructions for "popping" email to Yahoo email accounts:

  1. Login to your Yahoo email account.
  2. Click Options in the upper-right corner of your Yahoo Mail page.
  3. Click on Mail
  4. On the Mail Accounts page that opens, click Add.
  5. Enter an account name—whatever you'd like to call it. For example, "Bowdoin." Then either click Continue on the lower-left, or press Enter.
  6. Enter your name.
  7. Enter your Bowdoin email address. Click Continue.
  8. Enter pop.bowdoin.edu in the Mail Server field.
  9. Enter your Bowdoin username and password.
  10. Select an indicator color to mark messages received from this account. This color will highlight any messages in your Inbox that are from the other account.
  11. Click "Setup Mail Server". Your account is now added.
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Last modified:
Jul 22, 2010