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Addresses in Webmail

Inserting E-mail Addresses into a Message

When adding an e-mail address to a message you can have Webmail automatically enter an e-mail address in the following ways:

1. Auto-suggest option (for people you have recently emailed)

As you type letters of an email address, Webmail will suggest addresses of people you you have recently emailed. You can select one of these addresses with your mouse or down arrow and press Enter.

2. Address Book option

In a new mail message, click To..., Cc..., or Bcc...

This opens the Address Book dialog box, which allows you to search for a person in your organization's "global address" list, i.e. the Bowdoin College Directory.

Type in an identifying string of text (i.e., first name or last name) in the box and click on the magnifying glass. All users that meet your criteria will be listed.

Select the listing of the person you want to send to and click either To->, Cc->, or Bcc-> at the bottom of the window. When you finish addressing the message, click OK.

When you return to your e-mail message, you'll see that the selected name was added to your e-mail message.

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Last modified:
Jul 20, 2010