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To access your email in Webmail, log in at https://webmail.bowdoin.edu. After you are finished, click Sign out on the upper right (to the left of your name) and close your browser to keep your email secure.

Getting Started

  • Click View on the top bar above your list of messages to turn the Reading Pane on or off.

    • When you have the Reading Pane on, you will notice Webmail's new Conversation View.

    Basic Email Tasks

    Advanced Email Tasks

    Conversation View

    Conversation view groups all of the messages that relate to a conversation regardless of which folder the messages are stored (e.g., your sent messages).

    Turn conversation view on or off

    1. Above your list of messages, Click on Arrange by: menu
    2. At the bottom of the list, check the box next to Conversation View to turn it on (or uncheck to turn off)
    conversation view toggle

    When using conversation view, you can either delete a single message or an entire conversation with a single click.

    To delete the entire conversation (multiple messages)

    1. Click on the delete icon above the list of messages to delete all of the messages in your inbox that relate to the conversation. (Deleting will not delete messages from your Sent Box or other folders.)
    2. Click OK to the popup box that says "This conversation includes multiple messages. Are you sure you want to delete the conversation?"

    To delete a single message within the conversation

    1. Click anywhere on the message so that it is selected (top header will be shaded a light blue)
    2. Click the Actions menu on the upper right of the message
    3. Select and click Delete
    action menu

    To ignore a conversation

    1. Click on the arrow to the right of the delete icon above the list of emails
    2. Select Ignore Conversation 

    ignore conversation

    This will delete emails in the current conversation and put future related emails directly into your "Deleted Items" folder. (Note that only messages in your Inbox will be deleted.)

    More information about Conversations.

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