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Spam Quarantine Box


Information Technology has launched an easy to use web-based program that "quarantines" or isolates spam before it hits your mailbox "junk folder". It gives you the opportunity to deliver or delete spam. If you find legitimate emails in your Quarantine list this application allows you to approve or "whitelist" these email addresses so that they will be delivered to your email account.

Important things to note:

  1. Spam sent to you today will show up in the Spam Summary email tomorrow.
  2. If you do not receive any new spam you will not receive an email.
  3. You can check your Spam Summary any day online at https://mailfilter.bowdoin.edu
  4. You can choose to receive the "Spam Quarantine Summary" emails daily instead of weekly.
  5. If there are emails getting stopped that you want to allow choose to "whitelist" it.

Spam Summary Email.

If your mail account is sent spam you will receive an email the next day listing the Spam that was stopped.  You can "Deliver", "Whitelist", or "Approve", these messages. When you click on any of the actions you will be taken out to the Spam Quarantine web page.

Deliver - Approve the email to be delivered to your email inbox.

Whitelist - Add the sender of the message to the whitelist so that it will no longer  be quarantined and deliver the email to your inbox.

Delete - will delete the email from your quarantine list.


View your Spam Summary online anytime.  

a. Login to the Barracuda Mail Filter web page with your Bowdoin username and password at: https://mailfilter.bowdoin.edu
b. Click the "Click Here" link at the bottom of the "Spam Summary" email.

Below is a picture of the Quarantine Inbox. It shows you the total list of Spam that has been stopped by the Barracuda.


Changing your Spam preferences - Whitelist/Blacklist.


1. Click on the Preferences tab.
2. Click on the Whitelist/Blacklist tab.

If you have legitimate email addresses that you want the Barracuda to approve you can add them your "Whitelist". You can also type in email addresses that you want to block or "Blacklist"


Changing your Spam Preferences - Quarantine Settings


Click on the Quarantine Settings tab under the Preferences tab.

On this tab you can:

Quarantine Enable/Disable - choose not to receive the Spam Summary emails and have junk mail delivered directly to your "junk mail" folder in your email account.

Quarantine Notification - choose how frequent you want the Spam Summary emails to be sent to your email account. The default is daily. You can change it to weekly or never. If you choose never you can visit your Quarantine inbox anytime at https://mailfilter.bowdoin.edu

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Last modified:
Jul 22, 2010