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Changing your Bowdoin Password via Macintosh OS

NOTE:  You can only change your Bowdoin Password via the Macintosh operating system on Bowdoin managed computers.

1. Click on the Apple Menu

2. Select System Preferences...

3. At the System Preferences window, click the Accounts icon in the System section

4. Select your username from the list on the left and click on the Change Password... button next to your user icon.

5. Type your Old password in the first field and your new password in the New password and Verify fields.  Click the Change Password button.

Macintosh changing your password window

NOTE: Apple has a "Password Assistant" that measures the difficulty of guessing your password as well as suggesting passwords for you. You may access the tool by clicking on the key icon once you are in the Change Password area (step 4 above).

Document author:
Last modified:
Dec 03, 2009