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Changing your Bowdoin Password via Linux

NOTE:  You can only change your Bowdoin password via the Linux operating system on Bowdoin managed computers (Academic machines, Centos 5.x).

1. At the Linux command prompt, type "passwd".

2. You will be asked for the "Kerperos 5 Password", which is your current Bowdoin password.

3. You will then be asked twice for the new "UNIX password", which will be your new Bowdoin password.

4. If you get the message "passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.", you have changed your Bowdoin password successfully.

5. The message "passwd: Authentication token manipulation error" means you typed your current password incorrectly, or some other error that caused the password change to fail.  If that is the case, please follow steps 1-3 again.

Document author:
Last modified:
Dec 03, 2009