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Changing your Bowdoin Password

You may change your Bowdoin password through Webmail OR through your computer's operating system (e.g., Windows, Macintosh OSX).   If you change your password via your operating system, you must be using a Bowdoin-managed computer.

NOTE:  Students should always change their password through Webmail.

If your password is about to expire, and you log-in to Webmail or a Windows or Macintosh computer, you will automatically be prompted (forced) at logon to change your password.

At any other time, you may change your password by following the instructions for Webmail or your operating system.
Windows XP
Macintosh OSX


1.  Log into Webmail
2.  Click Options (in the top right corner of the Webmail window).


3. Click the Settings link (on the list on the left frame of the Webmail window). Then click on the Password button.


4.  Enter your Old Password and New Password.  Type your new password a second time in the Confirm New Password field.

5.  Click Save. 

Document author:
Last modified:
Jul 12, 2010