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Training Philosophy

We believe that effective technology training:

  • Uses active learning techniques, providing as much hands-on as possible with the most relevant examples to the learner
  • Incorporates problem-based learning, focusing on real tasks, that may involve multiple software applications or technologies
  • Is timed appropriately so that learners can put their new knowledge to use immediately
  • Addresses multiple learning styles (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners) and respects the different means of learning, from in-person structured group sessions to online quick tips.
  • Requires the learner to have a goal before participating in training

Fall 2014 Training Sessions

Training Offerings

Information Technology offers a variety of training opportunities for faculty, staff, and students. Additionally, we welcome requests or suggestions for any of the training types below.

Group Sessions during the Fall and Spring Semesters

  • The schedule is posted early in the semester for a variety of sessions.
  • The training sessions offered are determined by the general interest in particular technologies across campus, software applications that result in many HelpDesk inquiries, and technologies that serve strategic initiatives of the College.

Summer Pedagogical Workshops for Faculty

  • 1-3 day workshops where faculty learn a new technological tool and hear how other faculty are using such tools for their teaching and research.

Customized training for groups of employees who perform similar functions

  • Training that is developed, collaboratively with other Bowdoin College staff, for a specific group of employees (e.g., academic coordinators) and focuses on how technology can make their tasks more efficient and effective.

Just in Time, Anytime Online Tutorials

One-on-One Training Sessions

  • iTutor sessions
  • Personalized training for Executive Assistants.
  • We offer one-on-one training to clients, when necessary due to scheduling conflicts or other unique needs.

For any training requests or suggestions, please contact Juli Haugen.

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