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Data Owners and Custodians


Roles & Responsibilities

Employees having the role of data owner or data custodian are paramount to the success of data privacy at Bowdoin College.  The following provides information pertaining to these roles:

Data Classification

The following documents help to identify classes of data, including restricted data.  Knowing this, is the first step to ensuring Bowdoin College is a good steward of it's data.

Handling Restricted Data

Employees working with restricted data have additional responsibilities:

File Storage Areas & Access Permissions

It is important for faculty and staff to understand where to store data and to be cognizant of how access permissions work.  Bowdoin's Information Technology provides common data storage areas, with accompanying standard access permissions.  This file space is backed up and known as the "Microwave".

To request access to particular information beyond the normal default access, or to request a new folder, please see:

Information Security monitors changes to access permissions daily.  Data Owners have the additional responsibility of periodically auditing their department's access permissions.  Information Security will provide a report for review. 

Safe Computing Habits

Finally, Data Owners need to ensure all employees and students are aware of and use safe computing habits.

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Jul 15, 2014