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Classroom Technology

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Classroom Technology Standards

Updated March 8, 2011

Bowdoin’s standard classroom technology installation features a user-friendly SmartPanel classroom that is paired with an instruction workstation: Table, Podium, Movable Lectern or Credenza.  To view the technical details of each classroom, go to our Classroom Technology page and select a classroom from the right.

  • Page 1: Standard classroom technology configuration. 
  • Pages 2-3: Technical specifications and additional technology.


  • Instructor workstation is located near SmartPanel
  • Contains a secured, small form factor computer with movable 17” Flat panel monitor
  • Small form factor keyboard and mouse
  • Web cam w/built in mic on desktop for video conferencing
  • Provision for laptop connection
  • Output to Hi-Resolution Projector & Screen or LCD panel
  • Document Camera
  • Moveable, covered, consolidated cabling
  • Floor box underneath or patch panel (least noticeable as possible) contains power, ethernet, video/audio and control cables
  • Remote controls for projector and DVD player
  • Laminated instructions in plastic holder


The following are the “SmartPanel” classroom equipment specifications:

  • Projector - A ceiling mounted, networkable, data/video proector capable of the following resolutions:
    • Minimum: XGA (1024 x 768)
    • Current - High Definition 1 (1280 x 800): An aspect ratio of 16:10, capable of displaying High Definition Video (720p)
    • Ideal - High Definition 2 (1920 x 1080): An aspect ratio of 16:9, capable of displaying High Definition Video (1080p)
    • A minimum of 4500 NASI lumens is required
  • LCD Panel - Capable of displaying HIgh Definition images (1920 x 1080) and various other computer resolutions. LED backlighting is required.
  • SmartPanel - The source selection buttons are mounted at ADA height, clearly labeled and backlit. From left to right and top to bottom, there are two rows of three as follows:
    • Row 1: Instr Comp (for lecturn computer), Laptop1 (for SmartPanel interface), Laptop 2 (if applicable)
    • Row 2: Doc Cam, DVD, Blank
  •  Extron Panel
    •   User Interface:
      • Laptop Connection:
        • 3 row/15 pin VGA input and 15 pin output with mini-audio plug (3.5mm)
        • VGA Cable w/integrated audio provided for laptop users
        • Ethernet connection
      • DVD controller
      • AC power (electrician required):  Outlet located within 2 ft of SmartPanel for laptop.  A quad AC outlet for a SmartBox and duplex at the projector.

        • Screen - Electric tab-tensioned screen to be controlled by the SmartPanel (combined with Projector On/Off)
        • Network control of primary switching unit
        • Multi-standard/regional DVD player
        • Speakers – Either two wall mounted speakers on either side of the screen or ceiling recessed
        • Audio Amplifier (built in) to supply amplification for all sources

    Cabling Specifications (Networking):

    • Two CAT6 cables to projector in ceiling, one plugged into projector, one for redundancy
    • Four CAT6 cables to SmartBox: One connected into SmartBox network module, one for instructor computer, one connected to laptop hook-up, and one for redundancy

    Additional Technology:

    • Wall mounted VoIP phone
    • Wall mounted PoE clock
    • Light switch at entrance and near instructor station
    • Microphone or voice amplification (for over 50 students)
    • Podium or table light
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Mar 28, 2014