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Information Technology
Mitch Davis Senior VP & Chief Information Officer (CIO) 725-3930
CIO Staff
Steve Blanc Associate Chief Information Officer 725-3471
Abbie Brown VP of Enterprise Systems & Project Management 798-7041
Jason Lavoie Director of Networking Infrastructure 725-3315
Adam Lord Director of Systems Infrastructure 725-3390
Sarah Morgan Technical Purchasing Manager 725-3159
Jason Pelletier Director of Client Services & Technology 725-3190
Holly Sherburne Director of Digital & Social Media 725.3934
Jennifer Wienckowski Executive Assistant to the CIO 725-3277
Academic Technology & Consulting
Paul Benham, David Israel, Jennifer Snow, Kevin Travers.
Visit http://bowdoin.edu/academic-technology
Client Services
Jon Farr-Weinfeld Desktop Support Specialist 798-4203
Brad Flood Desktop Support Specialist 798-4210
Sherry Saxida Desktop Support Specialist 725-3366
Bill York Desktop Support Specialist 725-3939
Jonathan Shaw Desktop Support Specialist 725-4251
Information Security
Eric Berube Associate IT Security Officer 798-4248
Craig Bowden Associate Network and Security Engineer 725-3036
Mobile & Voice Services
Suzann Stewart Mobile & Voice Services Manager 725-3966
Ned Osolin Voice Specialist 725-3098
Enterprise Systems
Jeff Doring Manager of Software Engineering 725-3091
Ron Kay Manager of Database Administration 725-3202
Andrew Currier Software Engineer & Designer 725-3590
John Duggan Applications Programmer 725-3408
Laura Jackson Senior Database Analyst & Programmer 725-3658
Susan Kellogg Senior Database Analyst & Programmer 725-3055
Paul Monroe Applications Software Engineer 725-3157
Tad Macy Senior Software Developer 725-3043
Erik Pearson Software Engineer 725-3109
Monika Ullian Applications Programmer 798-7087
Digital & Social Media
Chelsea Doyle Digital Community Manager 798-4253
David Francis Senior Interactive Developer 725-3933
Juli Haugen Technology Integration Specialist 725-3509
Equipment Services
Mike Roux Equipment Services Manager 725-3463
Andrew Biedrzycki Audio / Visual Computer Specialist 798-4206
Mary Hipkins Equipment Services Associate 721-5626
Nate Hart Audiovisual/Multimedia Services Technician 725-3608
Donald King Senior Audio / Visual Specialist 725-3613
Bob Bussell Cabling Specialist 798-4211
Brian Horne Associate Network & Telecommunications Engineer 725-3042
Trevor Jennings Associate Network Engineer 725-3785
Nick Schroeder Networking Technician 798-7001
Public Computing
Sam Tarr Public Computer Services Associate 721-5198
Mike Bowden Systems Engineer III 798-7111
Jason Scott Systems Engineer III 798-7029
Mark Leaman Systems Administrator II 725-3512
High Performance Computing
Dj Merrill Director of High Performance Computing 798-4137

Information Technology Organizational Chart