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App-etizers: Integrating Life Easily

Story posted June 06, 2012

Bridget Spaeth is Bowdoin Colleges's Language Media Center and Technical Services Assistant. She is also an artist, and shares some thoughts and fresh exposure to the iPad. Referring to the iPad as a light bulb tool, she calls it the "great integrator", because there are so many assets to using it!  

The ease of communication is not to be diminished. Something as simple as email and calendaring within reach and without boot up time is really very helpful. Connectivity and work related problem solving are high up on the list of advantages, making it easy, easy, easy! I find myself interacting with work email more often. 

An app rising to the top for Bridget is ArtStudio With the use of a stylus, she has been using this app to make clean drawings on the run or in transit, making art more mobile.

 Concept Drawing of Green Wedge using ArtStudio App     Sketch of Fort Andross using ArtStudio App

Images are easy to export and one can compose a piece with projection in mind. One can also easily introduce "temporality"--- how a piece is actually built in time - by the use of layers. This app would be a great asset in museums and while traveling.

Concept Drawing of Trapezoid using ArtStudio AppConcept Sketches atop uploaded images for Trapezoid using ArtStudio App

Another valuable use for iPad has been ARTstor Mobile. This resource can be used to put together study files to share with students in the studio, instead of heavy books. ARTstor is searchable and with a little planning, the database can provide a great portfolio to demonstrate concepts and technique through the work and gaze of others.

The camera on the iPad has many valuable features for the creatively minded. One example is the PechaKucha forum, a standard for the sharing and exchange of ideas. The main premise of this forum is that a presenter has 20 images, and exactly 20 seconds per image, to present their creative ideas. The iPad has a slideshow setting for 20 seconds, so there's no need to mess with an app for a presentation! Just put together an album from the camera roll and go! And the ease of spontaneous sharing of short films in a gallery setting is a good choice for Bridget simply because the iPad keeps images nice and tight, and the intimacy of the screen is the correct scale and quality for the work.

Hopefully this has inspired you to discover your own ways of using the iPad for integrating important things in your life!

Here is some information to further explore these concepts:
ArtStudio for iPad ($4.99) and ArtStudio for iPhone/iPod Touch ($2.99) - draw, edit photos, and create digital art from your mobile device!

ARTstor Mobile: While on the Bowdoin campus or logged into the VPN, navigate to from your browser, select the register link in the "Welcome to ARTstor" box, fill out the simple form, and look for the email confirmation. Then when you go to from your mobile device, you can log in and browse away!

PechaKucha is a huge event for presentation in the arts, happening in close to 600 cities world-wide, with local events in Portland and Brunswick. 

More information about Bridget's work and gallery showings may be found at her website

"The iPad has been a light bulb tool for me:  I call it the "great integrator".

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