Campus Climate Survey

Bowdoin is participating in the National Assessment of Collegiate Campus Climates (NACCC) for the first time this fall. This national survey, created by the USC Race and Equity Center, takes about 15 minutes to complete and will provide the College with important baseline data on the current racial climate at Bowdoin. All students are encouraged to participate; look for a survey invitation and subsequent emails from Benje Douglas starting October 19th, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do students access and complete the NACCC survey?
All eligible students at Bowdoin will receive an email from Benje Douglas (Associate Vice President for Inclusion and Diversity and Director of Title IX, Gender Violence Prevention and Education) on October 19, 2021 with a link to the survey. The NACCC is a web-based survey that can be completed on any computer or mobile device.


Who is eligible to participate in the NACCC survey at Bowdoin?
All full-time Bowdoin students on campus aged eighteen or above are eligible to complete the NACCC survey. It is important that all eligible students, of every race and ethnicity, participate to get the most complete data about the racial climate on Bowdoin’s campus.


What is the National Assessment of Collegiate Campus Climates (NACCC)?
The NACCC is a national quantitative survey on campus racial climate created by the USC Race and Equity Center, specifically designed for undergraduate students.


When will Bowdoin students take the NACCC survey?
The NACCC survey will be available to Bowdoin students between October 19 and November 16, 2021.


How long is the NACCC survey?
On average it takes students about fifteen minutes to complete the survey. Please keep in mind that the sensitivity of the subject matter may require more time for some students to complete the NACCC. Additionally, students may want to reserve time after taking the survey for reflection and self-care.


What topics are included in the NACCC survey?
The NACCC survey includes six content areas essential to understanding racial climate on  campus: mattering and affirmation, cross-racial engagement, encounters with racial stress, racial learning and literacy, appraisals of institutional commitment, and impact of external environments. The NACCC also collects some basic demographic data.


What types of questions are in the NACCC survey?
All of the questions in NACCC survey are closed-ended, multiple-choice questions.


Are there any Bowdoin specific questions in the NACCC survey?
No. The NACCC is a national survey—all of the questions are standardized to allow Bowdoin to compare its results to   other liberal arts colleges.


I am nervous about providing my true feelings about race on campus in the survey. Who  sees my answers?
All of the information you provide will be kept confidential and your individual data will only be accessible to NACCC survey administrators at USC who are under strict confidentiality requirements. For the sake of understanding and improving Bowdoin’s campus climate, we want students to express their honest and true feelings about the racial climate and the experiences of all students at Bowdoin.


Why should I take my time to complete yet another survey?
By completing this survey, you are an active participant in creating change on our campus—your voice truly matters! As a student you know the Bowdoin campus better than anyone and without your input important aspects of campus life related to racial equity may be missed.


Who created the NACCC survey?
The NACCC survey content is based on more than a decade of work by Dr. Shaun Harper and the USC Race and Equity Center. Additionally, the NACCC Advisory Panel is comprised of thirty experts, including college presidents, campus diversity and inclusion officers, faculty, and survey methodologists. The advisory panel works with NACCC staff on best practices for the content, methodology, and administration of the NACCC survey, as well as the best ways to engage colleges and universities with their NACCC results.


Who administers the NACCC?
The USC Race and Equity Center in Los Angeles, California administers the NACCC. The Lumina Foundation funded its development and launch.


Are other liberal arts colleges participating in the NACCC survey?
Bowdoin, along with over sixty liberal arts colleges are participating in the survey through their membership in the Liberal Arts Colleges Racial Equity Leadership Alliance (LACRELA).


What is LACRELA?
LACRELA was created by Shaun Harper and the USC Race and Equity Center to provide a peer comparison group for liberal arts colleges that want to participate in the NACCC. Administering the same climate surveys across many colleges allows schools to benchmark their findings against peer schools and helps identify overall areas of strength and areas in need of attention. LACRELA also offers other resources including learning sessions about antiracism, diversity and equity, along with its suite of climate surveys for students, faculty and staff.


How will NACCC findings be used?
The NACCC data will be used to frame important conversations about race, to help build a more inclusive and equitable campus community, and to compare Bowdoin with peer institutions to identify areas for improvement. Beyond Bowdoin, NACCC will use the survey data for research purposes (including publications) with the goal of contributing to the general knowledge on racial equity in higher education.


When will I see Bowdoin’s NACCC findings?
The aggregated findings (not identifiable information from individual survey participants) of the NACCC survey will be given to Bowdoin by the USC Race and Equity Center in the summer of 2022. Bowdoin is committed to sharing the findings with the campus community in the 2022-2023 academic year


When will faculty and staff have a chance to complete the climate survey?
Using the student NACCC as a guide, the USC Race and Equity Center is developing a pair of workplace climate surveys for colleges who are members of LACRELA: one for staff at all levels for 2022, and another for faculty for 2023.


Will there be resources and help available if I need support after taking the survey?
Absolutely. We understand that responding to statements on race and the racial climate on campus may cause any number of feelings. To access campus resources please visit Counseling and Wellness Services and Office of Inclusion and Diversity.


Who can I contact if I have any questions about the NACCC?.
Please contact Chloe Qian in Institutional Research, Analytics, and Consulting at