Employee Assistance Program

All benefits eligible employees and their immediate family members can use the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which is free, confidential, and administered by Anthem EAP.


You do not need to be enrolled in one of the Anthem health plans to access this coverage. Call AnthemEAP at 1-800-647-9151, an express line for all of your EAP needs, or visit the Anthem EAP website.

Login to the Members section and type in Bowdoin College when prompted to enter your company name.


There is no cost to you or your immediate family members to use the EAP program. The EAP allows for up to 8 free visits per person per issue per calendar year.


Anthem EAP offers a range of services. Some are listed here and you are invited to view the Anthem EAP Orientation Video to learn more.
  • Counseling and referral services 24 hours a day
  • One-on-one consultation with a local counselor for up to 8 visits per issue per year
  •  A statewide network of providers
  • Legal and financial consultations
  • Child care and elder care referrals and consultations
  • Skill Builders online video courses (in the Centers section)
  • Learn to reduce stress with the myStrength confidential, online, program (in the Centers section)
  • Quarterly Wellness Newsletter

Summary of EAP Services for Employees

Summary of EAP Services for Managers & Supervisors