Kemp Symposium

The Robert J. Kemp Lectureship Fund was established in 2002 by Robert J. Kemp, a member of the Class of 1951, to provide support for the Department of History to sponsor speakers and lecturers, including those in the field of geopolitics. The 2017 Kemp Symposium is scheduled for May 4-5, 2017.  This symposium is titled "Ten Days That Shook The World: Reflections on the Russian Revolution, 100 Years Later," and is a centennial symposium exploring the impact of two of the Russian Revolution's most radical projects: the establishment of gender equality and the liberation of Soviet society from the "opiate" of religious belief.

Sponsored by Robert J. Kemp Lectureship Fund, Departments of History and Russian, and the Gender,Sexuality, and Womens Studies Program.