Study Abroad

InnsbruckThe German Department encourages all German majors to study in Germany or Austria. Study in a German-speaking country is the best way for students to become literate in the language and culture as well as gain a better understanding of their own.

The German major emphasizes both literature and culture and gives credit for courses in German Studies (humanities and social science courses with a European/German focus taught in German). Double majors in German and the humanities or social sciences are able to integrate their interests and strengthen their focus in an international context.

Students have the opportunity to study at various programs matching their academic interests and level. The German Department approved programs are located in Munich, Freiburg, Berlin, Hamburg, Tübingen, Vienna, and Mainz.

Tubingen"Last semester [Spring '05] was by far my best semester at college. Living in Tübingen, Germany, in a student dorm, interacting daily with my hall mate Günther and other Germans in town, in the classroom, and at the animal hospital where I interned, I was able to experience the German culture in its own vivid, true form. German film, spätzle, quaint towns, fascinating histories, and travel opportunities, for me Germany held so many secrets and each day was a small discovery. In returning to Germany [on a teaching assistant Fulbright scholarship], I hope to give back some of the magic that I took away after my semester in Tübingen."

-Whitney Rauschenbach '06

Students Studying and Living Abroad

Bebenhausen: Photo by Whitney Rauschenbach

Fall 2015

  • Charles Campbell-Decock (Berlin)
  • Busra Eriz (Berlin)
  • Jodi Kraushar (Berlin)
  • Emily Saldich (Berlin)
  • Alexander Sukles (Tübingen)

Spring 2016

  • Julie O'Donnell (Berlin)
  • Alexander Sukles (Tübingen)

Fall 2014

  • Lee "Monty" Barker (Berlin)

Spring 2015

  • Julia Binswanger (Freiburg)
  • Jamie Hofstetter (Freiburg)
  • William Kefeke (Freiburg)
  • Marina Marlens (Freiburg)
  • Anna Piotti (Salzburg)
  • Eva Spaeh (Munich)

Fall 2013

  • Adam Gordon (Freiburg)
  • Connor Laughlin (Freiburg)
  • Alexandra N'Diaye (Freiburg) 

Spring 2014

  • Caitlin Greenwood (Berlin)
  • Arhea Marshall (Tübingen)

Fall 2012

  • Franklin Reis (Berlin) 

Spring 2013

  • Marta Misiulaityte (Berlin)
  • Lauren Napier (Berlin)
  • Justin Roberts-Pierel (Berlin)
  • Zackary Suhr (Berlin)
  • Pete Davids (Munich)
  • Mark Ragusa (Munich)
  • Emily Murray (Tübingen)

Academic Year 2011-2012

  • Dechan Dalrymple (Antioch, Tübingen)
  • Lyne Lucien (IES, Berlin)

Fall 2011

  • Kenny McCroskery (IES, Freiburg)

Spring 2012

  • Julia MacDonald (IES, Berlin)
  • Luke Lamar (IES, Berlin)
  • Molly Krueger (IES, Berlin)

Fall 2010

  • Charlotte Ryan (IES, Berlin)
  • Zachary Crawford (IES, Freiburg)

Spring 2011

  • Salma Berrada El Azizi (IES, Berlin)
  • Samuel Frizell (IES, Berlin)
  • Nicholas Powell (Munich)
  • Anders Samuelson (Munich)

Fall 2009 - Spring 2010:

  • Renny Sabina (Munich)
  • Rebecca Silva (Munich)
  • Hannah Vossler (Lexia, Berlin)

Fall 2009:

  • Ellen Kimball (IES, Berlin)
  • Alexander Vertrees (IES, Vienna)

Spring 2010:

  • Johanna Clarke (IES, Berlin)
  • Bryce Lednar (IES, Freiburg)
  • Julia Littlefield (IES, Berlin)
  • Jack Morrison (IES, Berlin)

Fall 2008 - Spring 2009:

  • Elliot Beck (Tübingen)

Fall 2008:

  • Caroline Ferrari (Berlin)
  • Sally Hudson (Vienna)
  • Scott Nebel (Berlin)

Spring 2009:

  • Mikyo Butler (Freiburg)
  • Erica Ehrhardt (Berlin)
  • Keri Forbringer (Freiburg)
  • Will Grünewald (Munich)
  • Brenna Nicely (Berlin)
  • Bryce Spalding (Freiburg)