Program Requirements

Requirements for the Major in Gender and Women's Studies

Requirements for the Major in Gender and Women's Studies The major consists of nine courses, including three required core courses-Gender and Women's Studies 101, 201, and 301-that are designed to illuminate the diverse realities of women's experience while making available some of the main currents of feminist thought.

The six remaining courses for the major may be chosen from the set of women's studies courses, or from a set of courses in other disciplines that have been approved by the Women's Studies Program Committee to count towards the major. Of the seven courses, at least two must be listed as "same as" women's studies courses. Women's studies courses are numbered to indicate the level of course instruction. The general level of instruction is indicated by the first number, so that courses below 30 are first-year seminars, 100-199 are general introductory courses, 200-290 are general intermediate-level courses, and 300 and above are advanced seminars intended for juniors and seniors.

In total, no more than three of the six elective courses may be from the same department. In case of elective courses that are listed as related women's studies courses, the departmental affiliation of the course is considered the department of which the instructor is a member.

During the spring of their junior year, students who wish to undertake an honors project must secure the agreement of a faculty member to supervise their independent studies project. The honors project supervisor must have taught women's studies courses and served on the Gender and Women's Studies Committee. If the student's chosen supervisor has not fulfilled both of these requirements, the student may appeal for permission from that committee. Two semesters of advanced independent study (Gender and Women's Studies 401 and 402) are required for an honors project in Gender and Women's Studies. No more than two independent studies courses may count toward the Gender and Women's Studies major.

Requirements for the Minor in Gender and Women's Studies

The minor consists of Women's Studies 101 and 201, normally taken in the first or second year, and three additional courses. Students may count courses in their major, but may count only two courses from any given discipline.

Please visit the Courses page for more information about current Gender and Women's Studies course offerings. For more detailed information about Gender and Women's Studies requirements, please check the Bowdoin College Catalogue or inquire at the Gender and Women's Studies office.