Financial Management

The Senior Financial Analyst - Grants and Compliance is available to assist the Principal Investigator with financial compliance and reporting requirements. The Offices of the Dean for Academic Affairs and Corporate and Foundation Relations assist in other important ways. Regular communication between the Principal Investigator and these offices is critical.

Overview of the Principal Investigator's Responsibilities

It is expected that a Principal Investigator will remain abreast of all grant activity and reporting requirements. This includes ensuring that:
  • The work plan described in the proposal narrative is fully implemented
  • Reporting deadlines are adhered to
  • Charges to the grant are reasonable, allowable and directly support the scope of work
  • Charges to the grant do not exceed available funds
  • Salary and wages charged to the grant are consistent with the effort expended by individuals working on the project
  • All federal and College policies are adhered to

Failure to carry out these responsibilities could have serious implications to the College and the Principal Investigator.