The Principal Investigator is responsible for purchasing equipment in accordance with College policy and sending the Grant Analyst (Office of Sponsored Research) a copy of the purchase order as soon as it is completed. The Grant Analyst supplies the Controller’s Office with information from the purchase order.

The Controller's Office maintains equipment records, including the following information:

  • Description of the equipment
  • Manufacturer's serial number, model number or other identification number
  • Source of funding, including award number
  • Acquisition date and cost
  • Location and condition of the equipment
  • Ultimate disposition of the equipment

The College will tag new equipment and perform physical inventories once every two years. The Grants Analyst should be notified when equipment is moved from its original location.

Ownership and Control

Most grants state that title to equipment acquired with grant funds is the property of the College; however in some cases, equipment remains the property of the funding agency. If any questions arise concerning ownership, please contact the Director of Academic Budget and Operations.

Replacement, Disposal or Sale

Equipment cannot be sold, transferred or otherwise disposed of without instructions from the awarding agency. When this situation arises, the Principal Investigator must consult with the Grants Analyst.