Salar Mohandesi

Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in History

Teaching this semester

HIST 2017. Post-War Europe: 1945 to the Present

Until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, historians had treated the history of postwar Europe as permanently divided and dominated by an inevitable ideological clash. Collapse, however, required a dramatic re-examination, as the once immutable Cold War now appeared more as a post-war parenthesis. Examines Europe since zero hour 1945 as a singular space -- one dominated by super powers, riven by cultural and economic competition, yet also struggling with its past and re-imagining its future. Topics to discuss: origins of the Cold War, uprisings and revolutions, détente, youth in revolt, energy crises, the Greens, the Warsaw Pact and European Union, 1989, Euro Crisis, and Ukraine. This course is part of the following field(s) of study: Europe.

A historian of Modern Europe from a global and transnational perspective. His research interests include imperialism and anti-imperialism, the global 1960s and 1970s, twentieth-century social movements, the history of the left, and social and political theory. His current book project, tentatively titled From Anti-Imperialism to Human Rights, traces the history of transnational anti-Vietnam War activism in France and the United States to explain how and why human rights displaced anti-imperialism as the dominant form of internationalism in the 1970s. His research has appeared in Les Temps modernes, he has a forthcoming article in French Historical Studies, and he also writes for more popular venues. He is the founding editor of Viewpoint Magazine.


  • B.A., William and Mary
  • M.A., Pennsylvania
  • Ph.D., Pennsylvania