Shruti Devgan

Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology

Teaching this semester

SOC 1101. Introduction to Sociology, B

The major perspectives of sociology. Application of the scientific method to sociological theory and to current social issues. Theories ranging from social determinism to free will are considered, including the work of Durkheim, Marx, Merton, Weber, and others. Attention is given to such concepts as role, status, society, culture, institution, personality, social organization, the dynamics of change, the social roots of behavior and attitudes, social control, deviance, socialization, and the dialectical relationship between individual and society.

SOC 2272. Media, Society, and Culture in Global Contexts

Draws on case studies from various contexts to examine ways in which media construct as well as reflect society and culture. Focuses on digital and social media while considering traditional media genres including film, TV, and music. Explores mediated communication and representation in relation to several sociological concerns including self, social interaction, and community; gender, sexuality, race, nation, social class, and religion; generations, family, and intimate relations; culture industry and commercialization; emotions; collective memory and trauma; and social movements and social change.

Shruti Devgan received her Ph.D. in Sociology from Rutgers University in 2015, and studies stories of trauma, collective memory, emotions, media and transnational flows with a focus on the Sikh diaspora and India. Her recent scholarship examines diasporic, intergenerational and digitally mediated narratives of state-sponsored anti-Sikh violence of 1984 in India. Before coming to Bowdoin, she taught at the College of William and Mary.


  • B.A., Sociology, Delhi University
  • M.A., M. Phil., Sociology, Jawaharlal Nehru University
  • Ph.D., Sociology, Rutgers University