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Government and Legal Studies

Rebecca Gibbons

Visiting Assistant Professor of Government 

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Government And Legal Studies

Hubbard Hall - 209A

Teaching this semester

GOV 1600. Introduction to International Relations

Provides a broad introduction to the study of international relations (IR). Designed to strike a balance between empirical and historical knowledge and the obligatory theoretical understanding and schools of thought in IR. Designed as an introductory course to familiarize students with no prior background in the subject, and recommended for first- and second-year students intending to take upper-level international relations courses.

GOV 2680. International Security

National security is a principal interest for states, but what exactly does that mean in international political life, and for the security of ordinary people like us? What strategic options are available to decision makers tasked with protecting national security? How much do national security polices reflect coherent planning, and how much are policies the product of competing international, economic, and technological constraints, or domestic political interests? Analyzing the strategy and politics of diplomacy, alliances, threats, aid, and war, aims to provide an overview of security studies within the field of international relations.


  • B.A., Dartmouth
  • M.A., Ph.D., Georgetown