Oyman Basaran

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Teaching this semester

SOC 1101. Introduction to Sociology, A

The major perspectives of sociology. Application of the scientific method to sociological theory and to current social issues. Theories ranging from social determinism to free will are considered, including the work of Durkheim, Marx, Merton, Weber, and others. Attention is given to such concepts as role, status, society, culture, institution, personality, social organization, the dynamics of change, the social roots of behavior and attitudes, social control, deviance, socialization, and the dialectical relationship between individual and society.

SOC 2460. Sociology of Medicine

Examines the main sociological perspectives (functionalism, the political economy approach, and social constructionism) on medicine, health, and illness. Covers such topics as the social production and distribution of illness; medicalization and social control; political economy of health care; the role of medicine in regulating our racial, sexualized, and gendered bodies; and power relationships between health care actors (doctors, nurses, insurance companies, hospitals, and patients).

I study the sociology of medicine, gender & sexuality, and sociology of work. The regional focus of my work is the Middle East. My recent work examines the medicalization of male circumcision in Turkey.


  • B.A., Philosophy, Bogazici University
  • M.A, Sociology, Bogazici University
  • Ph.D., Sociology, University of Massachusetts; Amherst

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