Maron Sorenson

Assistant Professor of Government

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Government And Legal Studies

Dudley Coe Building - 301B

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GOV 1004. The Supreme Court and Social Change

The Supreme Court has played a role in adjudicating many of the nationís most important social issues, addressing matters such as segregation in schools, gender discrimination, and same-sex marriage. Since Thurgood Marshall orchestrated the NAACPís legal strategy to bring civil rights issues before the court rather than Congress, many other interest groups have followed suit. Investigates the trend of seeking legal change via courts, focusing on the Supreme Courtís role in social change by asking two connected questions: first, should the Supreme Court be deciding issues with such far-reaching impacts; second, since the court does wade into these matters, how effective are the justices in moving public opinion and influencing social change? Examines areas of policy in which the court has been particularly active including civil rights, access to abortion, and same-sex marriage, among others.

GOV 2020. Constitutional Law I

Examines the development of American constitutionalism, the power of judicial review, federalism, and separation of powers.


  • B.A., Ph.D. Minnesota – Twin Cities