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Genie Wheelwright

Senior Lecturer in Romance Languages
(on leave for 2017-18 academic year)

Contact Information

Romance Languages And Literatures

Riley House - 206

genie wheelwright


  • M.A. Latin American and Spanish History, University of Washington
  • B.A. Yale University, Latin American Studies

Teaching and Research Interests

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The breeding biology of the Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel (Oceanodroma furcata). 1980. AUK 97: 268-282. (with P.D. Boersma, N.T. Wheelwright, and M.K. Nerini)
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Translation: 1998: Spanish abstracts for Ecology and Conservation of Grassland Birds of the Western Hemisphere, edited by Peter D. Vickery and James R. Herkert. Studies in Avian Biology no. 19. Cooper Ornithological Society, Camarillo, CA. 1999. (299 pp.)