Christopher A. Born

Visiting Assistant Professor of Asian Studies

Teaching this semester

ASNS 2402. Japanese Popular Culture in Literature and Art

Introduces students to the world of popular culture in contemporary Japan. With an eye upon historical and social contexts, explores a wide variety of mediaómanga (comics), anime (animation), literature, and artóand the role of pop culture in daily life, fashion, film, and music. Considers the interplay of Japanís popular culture with that of its East Asian neighbors and Japanís prominence within the global pop-mediascape. Topics include Miyazaki Hayao and environmentalism, gender roles and mobility, the self and subjectivities, idealized worlds and character tropes, disaster and recovery, and the rural-urban divide. No knowledge of Japanese required.

JPN 2203. Intermediate Japanese I

An intermediate course in modern Japanese language, with introduction of advanced grammatical structures, vocabulary, and characters. Continuing emphasis on acquisition of well-balanced language skills based on an understanding of the actual use of the language in the Japanese sociocultural context. Introduces an additional 100 kanji.


  • B.A., Valparaiso
  • A.M., Washington University; St. Louis
  • Ph.D. Candidate, Washington University; St. Louis