Amanda Redlich

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Teaching this semester

MATH 1800. Multivariate Calculus, C

Multivariate calculus in two and three dimensions. Vectors and curves in two and three dimensions; partial and directional derivatives; the gradient; the chain rule in higher dimensions; double and triple integration; polar, cylindrical, and spherical coordinates; line integration; conservative vector fields; and Greenís theorem. An average of four to five hours of class meetings and computer laboratory sessions per week.

MATH 2601. Combinatorics and Graph Theory

An introduction to combinatorics and graph theory. Topics to be covered may include enumeration, matching theory, generating functions, partially ordered sets, Latin squares, designs, and graph algorithms.


  • B.A., University of Chicago
  • Ph.D., MIT

PDF Curriculum Vitae


Amanda Redlich: Power laws and power-of-two-choices, submitted.

Amanda Redlich: A power-of-two-choices unbalanced allocation process, SIAM J. Discrete Math, 31-1 (2017), pp. 477-488.

Robert DeMarco, Amanda Redlich: Graph decomposition and parity, J. Graph Theory 82 (4): 374–386 (2016).

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Selected Talks

Random Walks and Metrics Minisymposium, SIAM Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh PA, July 2017 - Generating power-law-like distributions easily: Popularity contests

Computer Science & Engineering Seminar, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, May 2017 - The power of two choices when the rich get richer: multiple choice at the multiplex

Topology et al. Seminar, Wesleyan University, Nov. 2016 - Graph counting and combina- torial games: A logical connection

Special Session on Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics, AMS Fall Central Sectional Meeting, University of St. Thomas, Oct. 2016 - The waiting game: Balanced allocation via random choices

MSCS Seminar, Macalester College, Oct. 2016 - The best random choice

Special Session on New Developments in Graphs and Hypergraphs, AMS Fall Eastern Sectional Meeting, Bowdoin College, Sept. 2016 - Strategic graph decompositions

SIAM Workshop on Network Science, Boston MA, July 2016 - Designing exit frequency distance measures for biological networks

Randomized Structures and Algorithms, Carnegie Mellon University, July 2015 - Power laws and the power of two choices

Colby-Bowdoin-Bates Math Colloquium, April 2015 - There is method in madness: Increasing randomness to decrease randomness

ICERM, Providence RI, March 2014 - Subgraphs in random graphs

Discrete Mathematics Days in the Northeast, Middletown CT, October 2013 - Parity, first-order logic, and gluing and cutting graphs

IAS WAM Research Seminar, Princeton NJ, May 2013 - Gluing graphs, ungluing graphs, and first-order logic with parity

DIMACS/CCICADA Interdisciplinary Seminar, Piscataway NJ, April 2013 - Unbalanced allocations and cost minimization

Applied Communication Sciences, Basking Ridge NJ, April 2013 - Logic, parity, and counting subgraphs in random graphs

Princeton Discrete Mathematics Seminar, Princeton NJ, March 2013 - Graph constructions, graph decompositions, and random graphs

Bell Labs Mathematics Colloquium, Murray Hill NJ, Jan. 2013 - Unbalanced allocations and cost minimization

Midwestern Graph Theory Conference LIII, Ames IA, Sept. 2012 - Logic and graph decompositions

2012 SIAM Conference on Discrete Mathematics, Halifax NS, June 2012 - The power and weakness of two choices

Applied Mathematics Colloquium, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago IL, April 2012 - Deterministic randomness

Penn Combinatorics and Probability Seminar, Philadelphia PA, March 2012 - Deterministic random algorithms

Columbia Discrete Math Seminar, New York NY, March 2012 - Logic, parity, and graph decompositions