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Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

The Mechanical Services Shop provides installation, routine maintenance, and repair of building air conditioning and refrigeration units. All requests for new air conditioning units will be subject to a feasibility technical review and then forwarded for appropriate approval by the Director of Facilities Operations and Maintenance. Click here to view the College's policy on window air conditioning units. Service requests for campus air conditioning units must be requested through the Work Order Controller online or at x3333.

Building Security Systems

Facilities Management provides routine maintenance, repair and code modifications to campus security systems. All requests for service and code changes should be requested though the Work Order Controller online or at x3333.

Bulletin Boards and White Boards

The Carpentry Shop installs bulletin boards and white boards on campus. Depending on the location of the board, the department making the request may incur a charge. To schedule this service please contact the Work Order Controller online or at x3333.

Capital Projects Management

The Capital Projects Management Department of Facilities Management provides the college with the coordination and management of projects involving major renovations and/or new construction of campus buildings from concept to final occupancy. View our projects.

Carpentry Services

The Carpentry Shop provides routine maintenance and repair of windows, screens, doors, shades, blinds, floors and roof leaks. The Carpentry Shop's priority is maintenance and repair. Non-maintenance projects such as construction of bookshelves will be processed as scheduling allows on a charge back basis. To schedule Carpentry Services please contact the Work Order Controller online or at x3333.

Emergency Cleanup

To report an emergency cleanup, such as toilets flooding, removal of bodily fluid, clean up of broken fluorescent light tubes, or urgent pest control issue, contact the Work Order Controller online or at x3333. To reach a housekeeper on call between 7am and 11:30pm dial x3685. If there is no answer, then call x3672. Between 11:30pm and 7am please call The Communications Center at x3314.

Heating and Ventilation

The Mechanical Services Shop provides routine maintenance and repair of heating and ventilation systems. Contact the Work Order Controller online or at x3333 for problems related to heating and ventilation.


Bowdoin Housekeepers clean all residential, academic and administrative buildings on campus. The standard housekeeping shift (7:00 am - 3:30 pm) services the residential buildings and the libraries. The early housekeeping shift (5:30 am - 1:30 pm) services the academic buildings and administrative offices. A few personnel are on duty from 3:00 pm to 11:30 pm to handle set-ups and perform floor care. Housekeeping responsibilities include, but are not limited to, servicing bathrooms, removing trash and recycling, cleaning and vacuuming public spaces, sweeping and washing floors as needed, setting up spaces for small meetings and re-setting classroom spaces at the end of the day. To report an area that needs special attention from Housekeeping please contact the Work Order Controller online or at x3333.

Keys and Locks

All college keys are distributed by the Key Controller in Facilities Management. To obtain a key, the Academic Coordinator, or the person's supervisor should complete the online key request form. Keys can be picked up at Rhodes Hall Monday - Friday between 7:30 am and 4:30 pm.

When school is in session, student residences are accessed by ID cards or keys. Students requiring a room key for housing must sign for it in the Facilities Management Office in Rhodes Hall before checking in or moving to a new housing assignment. If your new residence is accessed via an ID card please contact the OneCard office at x5199 for assistance.

Report lost or stolen keys to Facilities Management at x3445 and ID cards to Residential Life at x3225. If a key or ID is lost or stolen, the lock or card access may be changed, a new key/card issued, and the student will be billed the replacement cost of: $10 ID card; $50 regular key; and $100 high security key.

Broken locks are repaired or replaced by the Facilities Management Lock Shop. To request this service please contact the Work Order Controller online or at x3333.

Light Bulbs and Trash Bags

Housekeeping supplies light bulbs and trash bags to all students living on campus. In addition, student living in campus apartment buildings can contact their Residential Advisor for toilet paper supplies and vacuums. If you are a student in need of these supplies and cannot locate your Housekeeper please call the Housekeeping office at x3685 or x3672.


If your light is not illuminating properly please contact the Work Order Controller online or at x3333. If your Housekeeper is available they may be able to assist in replacing your light bulb. In all cases, for safety purposes, please allow a member of the Facilities Management staff replace your light bulb.

Moving Services

Facilities Management provides moving services as scheduling permits at a charge to the requesting department. Large moves encompassing more than 2-4 staff hours may be contracted out. To request this service please contact the Work Order Controller online or at x3333.

Patching and Painting

The Carpentry Shop provides patching and painting services to repair damaged wall surfaces. To schedule patching and painting repair work please contact the Work Order Controller online or at x3333.


The Mechanical Services Shop handles all routine maintenance and repairs of campus plumbing, including faucets, showers, drains and toilets. To report areas in need of plumbing maintenance or repair please contact the Work Order Controller online or at x3333.

Power Outage

The Electrical Shop maintains all electrical systems throughout campus. If you are experiencing an outlet that has no power there are three things you can check. (1) First check to see if the outlet is controlled by a wall switch near the door (as is common in the Brunswick Apartments and first year "brick" residences). (2) If you are using a surge strip you may need to reset the strip if it has been overloaded. (3) Also try plugging your appliance into another outlet to ensure that it is working properly. If you continue to receive no power please contact the Work Order Controller online or at x3333 .

If your breaker has been tripped please look around your room and try to identify what would have blown your fuse. Each dorm room is capable of handling 2,000 watts. For example, a typical hairdryer uses 1,250 watts and a typical color tv uses 110 watts. Any more than 2,000 watts being used in your dorm room at one time may cause you to lose power.

Set Ups

To reserve a space for your event contact the Campus Scheduler at x3421. To request tables, chairs, staging, etc. for your event contact Chris Angeline at x3445, or cangelin@bowdoin.edu. All set-up requests require 7 day advance notice and are billable services that are charged back to the department requesting the service.

Snow Removal

Facilities Management usually begins snow removal after an inch of accumulated snow. Snow removal services include plowing of parking lots and walkways, and shoveling steps and handicap ramps. The snow removal crew includes about 18 people and it takes them approximately 8 hours to clean up and open up the campus after storms. To report areas in need of shoveling or sanding, please contact the Work Order Controller online or at x3333.

Trash and Recycling

Facilities Management provides trash and recycling removal from all academic and administrative buildings as well as residential halls. Trash removal occurs on Tuesday and Friday. Recycling is picked up on Wednesday and Thursday. The Sustainability website has more information on what is recyclable at Bowdoin.