Contact Information


Borkowski, Don Director of Capital Projects 725-3947
Diemer, Jim Maintenance and Project Manager 798-4225
Payson, Keisha Coordinator for a Sustainable Bowdoin 725-3086
Russell, Nancy Financial Analyst/Budget Manager 725-3936
Stam, Ted Director of Facilities Operations & Maintenance 798-4282
Tuttle, Jeff Associate Director of Facilities Operations 725-3071
Vacant Manager of Environmental Health & Safety 725-3763


Anderson, Beth Work Order/CMMS Administrative Assistant II 725-3445
Bichrest, Laura Accounting Clerk 725-3443
Craig, JoJo Fleet Scheduler 725-3689
King, Sharon Office Supervisor 725-3413
Simard, Brigitte Work Order Controller 725-3333

Project Management

Shanks, David Maintenance Project Manager & CAD Administrator 725-3262
Simoneau, John Project Manager 725-3979
Veilleux, Mike Associate Director of Major Maintenance 725-3857


Carr, Tim Grounds Maintenance Manager 725-3446
Labbe, Phil Associate Director of Grounds 721-5170


Bibber, Kim Housekeeping Supervisor 725-3685
Fitzmaurice, Holly Housekeeping Team Leader 725-3685
McCarthy, Kay Housekeeping Team Leader 725-3685
Whittemore, Joyce Housekeeping Manager 725-3672


Blier, Charles Engineer in Charge 725-3345
French, Tim Mechanical Services Shop Leader 725-3457
Hinckley, Joe Building Operations and Maintenance Technician 725-3434
Magno, Jamie Acting Electrical Shop Leader 725-3860
Perkins, Karl Motor Pool Coordinator 725-3447
Taylor, Mike Carpentry Shop Leader 725-3448


Caron, Sara Materials Assistant 725-3309
Derosier, Teri Stockroom Manager 725-3309
Hagar, Tim Materials Assistant 725-3309