2021 Summer Campus Community Agreement

Commitment to the common good is a hallmark of Bowdoin’s community standards. During the COVID- 19 pandemic, students, faculty, and staff share in the responsibility to keep the Bowdoin and Brunswick communities safe and healthy. We must also commit to practices that promote responsible and healthy decisions in order to mitigate the spread of infection and for the protection of the Bowdoin community and our Brunswick neighbors. This requires discipline and sacrifice on the part of everyone at the College.

This Campus Community Agreement (“Agreement”) lays out the expectations of students for keeping our campus community as safe as possible and operational. To meet our goals, we must make a collective effort to minimize person-to-person transmission of COVID-19, which is highly contagious and life-threatening, and which can impact people of all ages.

Students, including those living off campus, who will take part in on-campus activities during this summer, including, but not limited to participation in clubs, activities, employment or research, during this summer must sign this Campus Community Agreement (“Agreement”) to indicate their willingness to comply with all of Bowdoin’s COVID-19 policies and protocols.

Given the risks, Bowdoin will strictly enforce violations of this Agreement. This may result in disciplinary action, including immediate removal from campus or revocation of on-campus privileges.

By electronically signing and acknowledging this Agreement, a student agrees to the following:

Health and Wellness

  1. Students must comply with all health and safety guidelines and requirements outlined by the Campus Status System (CSS) and abide by the information and policies provided for in the Bowdoin College Campus Guide. Students are responsible for knowing the current status level and for following the corresponding health and safety protocols. The current status will be posted online, and students will be informed of a change in status via electronic push notification (i.e., email or via CampusGroups) and campus signage.

  2. Students eligible for an FDA authorized COVID-19 vaccine, must be fully vaccinated by June 1, 2021 in order to take part in any program or activity on campus. 

  3. Students must comply with Bowdoins COVID-19 testing, tracing, and quarantining protocolsand related information in the Campus Safety Measures and Protocols as outlined in the Campus Guide. Students agree to comply with the requirements and/or guidance of Bowdoin College Health Services or the Maine Center for Disease Control, including COVID-19 testing, quarantine, and self-isolating. Test attendance will be tracked throughout the summer, and unexcused missed tests may result in a student effectively  opting out of the testing protocol and forfeiting their on-campus privileges, including physically living on campus. Please see Disciplinary Action below for more information. 

  4. Students must observe physical distancing—defined as a minimum of a six-foot distance from others—and practice good hygiene, such as frequently washing hands, and properly wearing a face covering at all times where required, including when off campus. Physical distance guidelines are determined by the campus status level. 

  5. Students who engage in behavior that brings them into close contact with other students or individuals, such as sharing drinks, sharing smoking devices, occupying indoor spaces without observing physical distancing, or exceeding posted occupancy limits, may face disciplinary consequences, including immediate removal from campus. Please see Disciplinary Action below for more information. 

On-Campus Privileges 

  1. Only students living on campus or students with approved summer positions who have signed this Agreement will have on-campus privileges and may occupy College property. This includes but is not limited to academic buildings and spaces (e.g., tents), College offices, libraries, Smith Union, and athletic facilities (including outdoor tracks, courts, and fields). Students with on-campus privileges but who do not live on campus may not enter or occupy College residential spaces, including private bedrooms. 

  2. Some social gatherings may be permissible. For information on permissible gatherings, please see the Campus Guide. 

  3. Only one (1) student may sleep in a bedroom. 

  4. Students are not permitted to host or allow guests, including Bowdoin students who have not signed this Agreement, inside College buildings for any period of time. 

Campus Departure Plan 

Students in residence must develop a plan for departing campus in the event Bowdoin is required to unexpectedly close campus due to a COVID-19 outbreak or other public health emergency. Students will have seventy-two (72) hours from the time of any closure announcement to depart campus. 

Disciplinary Action 

Bowdoin anticipates that students will do their part to keep campus safe and follow the guidelines, but for health and safety reasons, even minor violations of this Agreement or other College policies related to COVID-19 will not be permissible. Mistakes will happen; however, even minor or unintentional violations will have consequences. In all cases, conduct will be evaluated based on the declared campus status level in effect at the time of the violation. 


1. Gathering: The convening of two or more students whether planned, casual, or spontaneous, in any space on campus, whether indoors or outside. It includes parties, organized events, casual socializing, or activities. Permissible gatherings must comply with campus status levels, room or tent occupancy limits, and social distancing at all times.

2. Guests: Anyone other than an enrolled Bowdoin student in residence or with on-campus privileges. “Guests” include but are not limited to: family members; non-Bowdoin friends; prospective students; enrolled Bowdoin students without permission to be on campus; and Bowdoin students who are on a leave of absence (e.g., personal, medical, disciplinary, etc.) from the College.

3. On-Campus Privileges: Any resources, buildings, and services available to students in residence (except residential buildings).  

Note: Students with on-campus privileges but who do not live on campus may not enter or occupy College residential spaces for any reason. All students with on-campus privileges are required to abide by Campus Status Level guidance including but not limited to: not visiting other private residences while the Campus Status Level is orange, not conducting nonessential off-campus business, and complying with mask and physical distancing requirements.

4. Student in Residence: Any student who lives on campus. Students who choose to be in residence acknowledge that, even with recommended mitigation efforts, doing so poses some risk of COVID-19 infection. While that risk cannot be eliminated, it can be reduced, and the more everyone does their part to manage COVID-19, the more successful our efforts will be.

Updates and Revisions

It may become necessary to update this Agreement based on public health guidance and changing circumstances. Updates and revisions to this Agreement will be communicated to students via email. As email is the official means of communication by the College, students are expected to check their email on a regular, daily basis.