Department Requirements

Careful advising and consultation with EEES faculty members is essential to plan a student's four-year program, taking into consideration course prerequisites, the rotation of courses, and/or sabbatical or research leaves. Independent study allows a student to conduct interdisciplinary research under the careful guidance of two or more advisers or readers.


  1. Two years of Russian (Russian 101, 102, 203, 204, or the equivalent in another language, i.e., Bulgarian, Polish, Serbian/Croatian, etc.).
  2. Four courses from the concentration core courses after consultation with EEES faculty. At least one course should be at the 200 level and one at the 300 level or above. Upon petition to EEES faculty, a student completing the EEES concentration can satisfy the requirement by substituting a course from the complementary list of Russian courses (listed below) or through independent studies in those cases in which: 1) faculty members are on sabbatical leave, 2) the course is not rotated often enough, 3) a course is withdrawn (when a faculty member leaves), and/or 4) a new, related course is offered on a one-time-only basis.
  3. Any two courses outside the EEES concentration to be selected from the complementary list below, one at the 200 and one at the 300 level, or above. With approval of an EEES faculty member, requirements (2) and (3) may be fulfilled in part by an independent study in the concentration or in the area of complementary courses.
  4. Only one introductory course or first-year seminar may count toward the major.
  5. An honors project in either concentration requires two semesters of independent study for a total of 11 courses in the major. EEES offers three levels of honors.
  6. Off-campus study at an approved program, particularly the Nevsky Institute in St. Petersburg, is strongly recommended. Up to three courses in an approved program may be counted toward the major.
  7. If students choose a double major in EEES and Russian, only the first two years of language (Russian 101, 102, 203, and 204) may be double counted. No other courses may be double counted.