EEES Concentration Core and Complementary Coursesbeyond Russian 204

A. Concentration in Russian/East European Politics, Economics, History, Sociology, and Anthropology.
Core courses:

Economics 221b - MCSR. Marxian Political Economy
Gender and Women’s Studies 218b - IP. Sex and Socialism: Gender and Political Ideologies of the Twentieth Century
[Government 230b. Post-Communist Russian Politics and Society]
Government 324b. Post-Communist Pathways
History 219c. Russia’s Twentieth Century: Revolution and Beyond
History 311c. Experiments in Totalitarianism: Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia

B. Complementary courses in Eurasian and East European Literature and Culture:

German 151c - ESD. The Literary Imagination and the Holocaust
German 317c - IP. German Literature and Culture since 1945
Music 273c - VPA. Chorus (when content applies)
Russian 220c - IP. Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature
Russian 221c - IP, VPA. Soviet Worker Bees, Revolution, and Red Love in Russian Film (same as Gender and Women’s Studies 220)
Russian 22c. “It Happens Rarely, Maybe, but It Does Happen”—Fantasy and Satire in East Central Europe
Russian 223c. Dostoevsky and the Novel (same as Gender and Women’s Studies 221)
Russian 224c. Dostoevsky or Tolstoy (same as Gender and Women’s Studies 217)
Russian 251c - IP, VPA. Russia’s “Others”: Siberia and Central Asia through Film and Literature (same as Gender and Women’s Studies 243)
GER 317. German Literature and Culture since 1945. Matthew Miller. (in German)*
FILM STUDIES 29c First Year Seminar. Historians, Comediennes,Storytellers: Women Filmmakers in the German-Speaking Countries, Birgit Tautz*

Courses in Russian:

Russian 307c. Russian Folk Culture
Russian 309c. Nineteenth-century Russian Literature
Russian 310c. Modern Russian Literature
Russian 316c.  Russian Poetry