Faculty and Staff

Philip Camill
Rusack Professor of Environmental Studies and Earth and Oceanographic Science

Connie Y. Chiang
Associate Professor of History and Environmental Studies
U.S. West, social, environmental

Anne C. J. Hayden
Adjunct Lecturer in Environmental Studies (spring semester)

Eileen Sylvan Johnson
Lecturer in Environmental Studies

Matthew W. Klingle
Associate Professor of History and Environmental Studies
Urban, environmental, 20th-century America

John Lichter  
Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies
Director of Environmental Studies Program

Jill E. Pearlman
Senior Lecturer in Environmental Studies
Lawrence H. Simon  
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Environmental Studies

Dharni Vasudevan
Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Studies
Chair of Chemistry Department
Environmental Chemistry, surface complexation theory, sorption, desorption and coordination of organic and inorganic compounds at the soil/mineral-water interface

Emeritus Faculty

DeWitt John
Thomas F. Shannon Distinguished Lecturer in Environmental Studies Emeritus

Contributing Faculty

Mark Battle
Associate Professor of Physics; Chair of Physics Department

Rachel J. Beane
(on leave for the 2014-15 academic year)
Professor of Earth and Oceanographic Science
Convergent margin processes, ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism, and microstructural studies using electron backscatter diffraction

David Carlon

Associate Professor of Biology; Director of the Bowdoin College Coastal Studies Center

David Collings
Professor of English
Damon Gannon
Director of the Bowdoin Scientific Station on Kent Island; Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology

Shaun Golding

Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology

Natasha Goldman

Adjunct Lecturer in Art History

Laura Henry

Associate Professor of Government
Acting Chair of Russian Department

Guillermo Herrera 
Associate Professor of Economics
Chair of Economics Department

Amy Johnson
James R. and Helen Lee Billingsley Professor of Marine Biology

Susan Kaplan 
Associate Professor of Anthropology; Director of the Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum and Arctic Studies Center
Michele LaVigne

Assistant Professor of Earth and Oceanographic Science

Peter Lea 
Associate Professor of Earth and Oceanographic Science

Barry Logan
Professor of Biology;  Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Associate Affirmative Action Officer

Sarah McMahon
Associate Professor of History
Erik Nelson
Assistant Professor of Economics
Emily Peterman

Assistant Professor of Earth and Oceanographic Science

Nancy Riley
Professor of Sociology

Collin Roesler
Associate Professor of Earth and Oceanographic Science
Chair of Earth and Oceanographic Science Department

Allen Springer
(on leave for the fall 2014 semester)
Professor of Government

Anthony Walton

Allen Wells
Roger Howell Jr Professor of History
Nathaniel T. Wheelwright
Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor of Natural Sciences
Chair of Biology Department
Enrique Yepes
Associate Professor of Romance Languages
Mary Lou Zeeman

R. Well Johnson Professor of Mathematics

Program Administrators and Support Staff

Eileen Johnson
Program Manager - ejohnson@bowdoin.edu
Telephone: (207)798-7157

Rosemary Armstrong
Program Assistant - rarmstro@bowdoin.edu
Telephone: (207)725-3396

Location: Adams Hall [campus map]

Research Associates

Edward (Ted) Ames
Visiting Research Scientist

Barbara P. Putnam
Research Associate in Environmental Studies
Conrad Schneider
Research Associate in Environmental Studies
Mailing Address:
Environmental Studies Program
6700 College Station
Brunswick, ME 04011