A Sampling of English Honors Projects

Katherine R. Churchill: Fashion Agency: Gender, Fiber Work, and Irony in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (with Professor Maggie Solberg)

Alexandra R. Glass-Katz: The Civil War Diet: A Novel (with Professor Brock Clarke)

Derek M. Hoyt: Salvation for a Preterite Crew: Determinism and the Hope of Freedom in Moby-Dick and Gravity's Rainbow (with Professor Morten Hansen)

Maria S. Kennedy: Earth, Borders, and Magic: A Study of Place in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (with Professor Maggie Solberg)

Jesse R. Ortiz: "One Never Knew": David Foster Wallace and the Aesthetics of Consumption (with Professor Marilyn Reizbaum)

Charlotte W. Rutty: Bad Eggs: Stories (with Professor Brock Clarke)

Hallie T. Schaeffer: "This people which I made": The Character of King Arthur as a Mechanism of Unification in Medieval Arthuriana and the Idylls of the King (with Professor Aaron Kitch)

Margaret R. Seymour: 15 Villainous Fools: A Two-Woman Clowning Adaptation of The Comedy of Errors (with Professor Aaron Kitch)  

Molly MacVeagh: Where's the Boeuf?: Food and Empire in the Work of Katherine Mansfield and Virginia Woolf (with Professor Marilyn Reizbaum)

Golden Owens: Producing "Reality": "Authentic" Representations of Black Women in Reality Television (with Professor Elizabeth Muther)

Elisabeth Strayer: Palimpsestuous London: Spatial and Temporal Layering in Fin-de-Siècle Victorian Fiction (with Professor Aviva Briefel) 

Emily Powers: People Who Press Play (with Professor Brock Clarke)

Amanda Minoff: Visions/Revisions (with Profesor Brock Clarke)

Monica Das: This is Postmodernism: A Legacy of Literary Autoreferentiality (with Professor Marilyn Reizbaum)

Linda E. Kinstler: Writing Grounds Zero

Kailana E. Durnan: De-Composing London: Urban Gothic at the Fin de Siècle

Katherine B. Kinkel: Sleep of Reason

Linda E. Kinstler: Writing Grounds Zero

Caitlin E. O’Keefe: Emerson’s Imprisoned Spirits: Freedom, Slavery, Liberalism

Parker W. Towle: Projections at Midnight

Lucia Cowles: Ada/m (with Professor Brock Clarke)

Samuel Hollingsworth Hanson: The Gift: A Collection of Short Stories (with Professor Brock Clarke)     

Northanger Abbey2010-2011
Lauren E. Wilwerding: The Anxieties of Common Life: Tracing the Gothic in Northanger Abbey, Sense and Sensibility, and Pride and Prejudice (with Professor Ann Kibbie) 

Jenna Breiter: Charting (with Professor Anthony Walton)

Kristina M. Goodwin: Reliquary: A Novella (with Professor William Watterson)

Samuel I. Smith: Terror and Possibility: Walt Whitman, Henry James and Democracy Unbound (with Professor David Collings)

Tara S. Rajiyah: Fragments are India and India is Fragments: The Feminine, Fragmentation and Nationalist Yearning in Emergency Literature (with Professor Hilary Thompson)    

Eleanor T. West: No Vacancy: Nabokov’s Use of Space in Lolita, Ada, and Pale Fire  (with Professor Marilyn Reizbaum)

Maude G. Taber-Thomas: Fairy Roads to Science Town: Fairies and the Enchantment of Science in Victorian Children’s Literature (with Professor Mary Edsall)

Jason E. Finkelstein: Beyond the Hoax: The Literary World of the False Witness in Kosinski’s The Painted Bird and Wilkomirski’s Fragments (with Professor Ann Kibbie)

Kristen E. Gunther: Mobtown   (with Professor Anthony Walton)

Katharine M. Sherman: Cassandra (with Professor Aaron Kitch)

Ikumi E. Crocoll: The Best Thing She Was: American Women Writing With and Against the Conventions of 19th Century Sentimental Motherhood (with Professor Tess Chakkalakal)

Genna Ruth-Louise Duplisea: Pseudonym-Function: Poaching Gender in Victorian Britain (with Professor Aviva Briefel)

Amy Ahearn: The Explosive Aftermath of Empire: Nuclear Weaponry in South Asian Diaspora Fiction (with Professor Belinda Kong)

J. Patrick Brown: Stress Fracture: The Israel Trope and the Holocaust in Modern Writing (with Professor Marilyn Reizbaum)

June Kyuha Lee: Model Gestures and Manly Butterflies: Chang-rae Lee’s and David H. Hwang’s Subversive Stangings of Asian American Emasculation (with Professor Belinda Kong)

Rogan C. McCally: And Mani Ther Beth of Faerie: Social Criticism and the Workings of Faerie in the Medieval Breton Lai (with Professor Mary Edsall)

Zachary J. Roberts: Will Polar Bears Be OK?: The Fate of the Text in the Postnuclear Era (with Professor Marilyn Reizbaum)

Deborah Anne Theodore: Politics, Puerility, and Personal Happiness:Trollope’s Version of the Female Bildungsroman (with Professor Aviva Briefel)

Xiao di Tong: Passing as an Interior Journey:Unintentional Acts on the Color Line in Toi Derricotte and Danzy Senna (with Professor Elizabeth Muther)    

Jamie E. Knight: The Science of Sympathy: Darwin and Community in George Eliot’s Middlemarch (with Professor Aviva Briefel)

Taylor C. White: One Piece at a Time (with Professor Anthony Walton)

Katherine H. Kirklin: Narrative Capability in the New Millenium (with Professor Marilyn Reizbaum)

Taneisha T. Wilson: Self-Sacrifice as Agency in George Eliot’s Middlemarch and the Mill on the Floss (with Professor David Collings)

2000 to 2005
"Daughter of God and Man: Reflection, Reality, and Free Will in Paradise Lost"
Claire Melissa Falck '05

"Constituents of Chaos: Land and Sea in Moby-Dick"
Rebecca Follansbee '05

"Reclaiming Onan: Masturbation and Imagination in Whitman's America"
Leah Rose Chernikoff '04

"Queering Intimacies: The Sexual Narrative in Hanif Kureishi's Fiction"
Paige Contreras-Gould '04

"Wing Anatomy"
Elaine Dorothy Johanson '04

"Performing the Artist: Stephen Dedalus and the Aesthetics of Betrayal"
Nicholas Sharpe Hiebert '03

"Sinister Revelations: The Asylum as a Critique of the Domestic Sphere"
Jennifer Rita Laraia '03

"Sentimental Violence: Re-reading the politics of sympathy in Uncle Tom's Cabin and John Brown's Raid"
Marshall R. Escamilla '02

"A Year's Absence"
Kelly Ann Kerney '02

"Civic Misreadership: Deformity, Isolation, and Prophesy in Melville's Moby-Dick"
Nathaniel Chase Vinton '01

"'Schelde vs fro schamesdede': Arthur's 'Worthiness' in the Alliterative Morte Arthure"
Curtis Roberts-Holt Jirsa '01

"Wordsworth's Social Ecology: A Poet's Vision of Sustainability and Stewardship"
Kristin Stewart Awsumb '00

"Opponents Entangled and 'Half in Love': A Reading of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby"
Dorsey Powell Lockhart '00