Education Studies Minor

Education Studies MinorThe Education Studies minor engages students in an interdisciplinary approach to education that could lead to future work or graduate study in areas such as policy-making, curriculum design, childhood development, and education law.

The Education Studies minor is appropriate for students who have a general interest in the study of education as a social phenomenon.  Like those in other disciplines, Education Studies courses at Bowdoin are an integral part of the liberal arts.  They introduce students to the tradition of education-to its history and philosophy, to its interrelationships with other cultural institutions, to how it both mirrors and changes the society that creates it.  Education Studies courses focus on an institution that is a major force in shaping the lives of most Americans.  The courses comprising the Education Studies minor address a variety of questions that are of interest to students from other disciplines:  school administration and finance are important themes in government and economics; race, class, and gender issues in schooling are also issues of sociology and anthropology; perceptions of childhood and adolescence form the base of many studies in psychology; changing school architecture interests historians and artists.

The Education Studies minor is comprised of:

  • Education 1101: Contemporary American Education

     and three of the following:

  • Education 2204: Educational Policy
  • Education 2206/SOC 2206 Sociology of Education 
  • Education 2211: Education and the Human Condition
  • Education 2212: Gender, Sexuality and Schooling
  • Education 2221: Democracy’s Citadel: Education and Citizenship in America
  • Education 2250: Education and Law
  • Education 2260: Science Education: Purpose, Policy and Potential 
  • Education 2272: Urban Education 
  • Education 2285: The Ivory Tower: Higher Education in American History 

Additionally, courses that are cross-listed with the Education Department may count toward this minor.  One independent study (or a course taught at another institution) may count toward the minor with department approval.