Every sophomore who wants to major in economics must have an economics faculty advisor.


You choose your advisor when you sign up for the major and that person will be your advisor until you graduate. While meeting with your advisor, students must complete a Major/Minor Form (available in department office). The form must be returned to the department coordinator.

You can see your advisor to talk about selecting courses or about choosing a major. You can talk about special opportunities like studying abroad or getting involved in research, about courses that are giving you problems and courses you are enjoying, and about any other topic related to your life at Bowdoin. Or, you can meet just to chat about how things are going and about what might be happening in your future.

Contacting Faculty Members

Your professors have office hours posted on their doors indicating times you can see them. The department has more information about faculty schedules on their webpage. If you cannot see an academic member of staff during their office hours, then it is usually advisable to contact them by email regarding your query and the possibility of arranging an alternative time to meet.