Off-Campus Study Guidelines

Many study away programs offer courses that will count toward the economics major.

Approval before Leaving

Students who desire credit for an economics course(s) taken away should obtain written approval from the chair or economics advisor prior to leaving Bowdoin. Generally, we encourage students to take 2000-level electives abroad.

The normal expectation is that students will take the three intermediate core courses (2555, 2556, 2557) and the two required advanced-topics courses (3000-level) at Bowdoin. Students are urged to have completed Economics 2555, 2556, and 2557 before their senior year. Most students who plan to study away try to take the intermediate micro (2555) and macro (2556) courses before they leave.


One or two credits are granted for elective courses taken in European programs; no more than one intermediate core course and no more than two courses at US institutions will normally be considered for credit toward the economics major.

One intermediate core course can be taken at the London School of Economics (LSE), and exceptions are made to grant 3000-level credit for one 3000-level course at LSE.

Accounting, business management, marketing, and other business-related courses are not accepted for credit.

Office of Off-Campus Study
Two Credits
Maximum amount for courses taken elsewhere that can be counted towards the major