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Earth and Oceanographic Science

EOS Summer Research Opportunities 2014

Rachel Beane
Super Volcanoes:  Studying Caldera-Forming Magmatism with SEM/EBSD methods

volcanoes Phil Camill
How does past climate change and fire affect soil Carbon storage in high latitude peatlands? 


Michèle LaVigne
Bamboo Corals record both surface and deep ocean conditions via their organic nodes and calcite internodes, respectively. In a manner similar to tree ring analysis, cores through the coral reveal pattern in time. Student project will involve both lab work with the scanning electron microscope (SEM/EBSD) and data analysis. Project requires student apply for Bowdoin College fellowship.

bamboo corals 

Impacts of Ocean Acidification on Clam Flats
Working with the Kennebec Estuary Land Trust

 clam flats

Peter Lea
Having just returned from two years at the National Science Foundation, Peter is ready to support student research on a variety of topics in a more exploratory mode. Students will be required to obtain Bowdoin College fellowships.



Emily Peterman
Requires Bowdoin College fellowship application






Collin Roesler
Linking Optics and Remote Sensing to understand Phytoplankton Blooms:  Rivers to Ocean

Students will focus on one of three subprojects within the broader project. Depending upon subproject, activities may include lab and field work and certainly data analysis. Requires Bowdoin College fellowship application.