Department Honors

Explore Earth & Oceanographic Science further by completing an Honors project.

For those considering honors projects for their senior years, please consult with potential advisors in the spring prior to summer fellowship deadlines (typically March 1) and fall semester course registration (mid-April).

Conference Presentations

In addition to an oral presentation at Bowdoin College, all EOS honors candidates must present externally at a recognized meeting.

In the past, students have presented at these conferences:

Opportunity to practice presentations: HCURA National Collegiate Research Conference

Student Fellowship & Research Application Information

The office for Student Fellowships & Research can provide you with information on funding for research and travel to professional conferences during the academic year, as well as summer research fellowships.


The department and your project advisor will structure your deadlines to the department to support you in reaching your obligation to the Office of the Registrar for timely completion of your Honors project.

Below are some of the EOS milestones to be discussed with your project advisor: