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Dialing Instructions

General Dialing Instructions

On-Campus calls

  • To reach faculty and staff from a campus phone, dial the four-digit extension.
  • To reach students from a campus phone, dial their five-digit extension (8xxxx).

Local or Toll-free Calls Made from a Campus Phone

  • Listen for dial tone. Dial 9, then dial the local or toll-free number.

Long Distance/International Calls
Faculty, Staff and Students with STC accounts
Domestic long-distance calls:

  • Dial 9–1–area code and number. When you hear two beeps, enter your STC long distance PIN and then press #.

International calls:

  • Dial 9–011 and the number. When you hear two beeps, enter your STC long distance PIN and then press #.

Telephone Number Formats

The Bowdoin College directory includes full seven-digit office phone numbers for all faculty and staff and optional residence phone numbers for students.

Campus Phones

Faculty & Staff
725-3000, 798-4000, 798-7000, and 721-5000 Number Series
For calls between Bowdoin buildings (in the 3000, 4000, 5000, and 7000 series), you need only dial the four-digit extension number.

Student Extensions
All student phone numbers are in the 208-xxxx format. You must dial the five-digit extension (8xxxx) when dialing on campus.

Calls from Off-Campus
725-3000, 798-4000, 798-7000, and 721-5000 Number Series
Please note carefully the three-digit prefix of the number you wish to call. Numbers in these series that begin with other prefixes belong to local area residents or businesses and are not Bowdoin College numbers. Check the full number before calling to be sure you are directing your call to a Bowdoin phone extension. Misdirected calls are a nuisance to the College’s neighbors. 

6000 Numbers
6000 numbers are campus-only extensions. These can be reached on campus by simply dialing the four-digit 6000-series extension. If you need to dial a 6000 number from off campus, dial 725-3000 and select the option for the Campus Operator, then request that the Operator transfer you to your desired 6000-series extension.

TTY (Teletypewriter) Phones

  • TTY/TDD: Dial 711 or 1-800-437-1220.
  • TTY Voice: Dial 711 or 1-800-457-1220.
  • TTY Phone Locations