COVID-19 Health and Safety Policies

All students, returning and new, are welcome on campus this fall. With increased density on campus and continued uncertainty regarding the new variants of COVID-19, students must navigate campus and the community beyond in a way that takes into account the impact of their actions, particularly with regard to the potential spread of illness.  

For the 2021-22 academic year, the College adopts the following:  

Community Responsibility 

COVID-19 continues to impact how we live, work, and navigate our campus, our community, and the world beyond. The College expects that students will take all reasonable precautions to help curb the continued spread of illness. Our entire community—students, faculty, and staff—shares in the responsibility to help to keep ourselves and others safe and healthy, and to work to enable the ability to continue in-person operations for the remainder of the academic year.  

Updates and Changes to Policy, Practices, and Guidelines 

From time-to-tie, it may become necessary to update these or other health and safety policies based on guidance from local, state, or federal agencies, or changing circumstances. Updates and revisions to policies will be communicated to students via email by the dean of students or the COVID-19 resource coordinator, or either’s designee.  

As email is the official means of communication by the College, students are expected to check their email on a regular, daily basis and to be aware of and comply with any changes to College policy. 

Health and Wellness 

Students are required to comply with  all College policies, including all COVID-19 related policies, and the  guidelines and requirements outlined by the Campus Status System (CSS), and to abide by the information and policies therein.  

Students are responsible for knowing the current status level and for following the corresponding health and safety protocols. The current status will be posted online, and students will be informed of a change in status via electronic push notification (i.e., email or via CampusGroups).   


Students should carry a mask with them at all times. Students must wear masks when directed and as required by the College. This may include campus-wide directives, in classrooms, or at other College-sponsored events. Students are also required to comply with masking requests by any member of the Bowdoin community, including faculty or staff. Repeated failure to wear a mask when asked, including requests by Residential Life student staff and officers from Safety and Security, may be referred to disciplinary action.  

Students may request one another to mask even when not required by a campus-wide mandate. Bowdoin hopes that, in the spirit of community, students will respect one another’s wishes and that they be willing to mask when asked. 

Testing and Tracing Protocols 

Students must comply with Bowdoin’s COVID-19 testing, tracing, and quarantining protocols. Students agree to comply with the COVID-19 requirements and/or guidance of Bowdoin College Health Services and/or the Maine Center for Disease Control, including related to COVID-19 testing, quarantine, and self-isolating.  

Missed COVID Tests. Students who fail to comply with testing protocols, including missing scheduled tests, will receive the following disciplinary outcome(s):   

  1. Fourth missed test: Automatic Probation for 14 weeks. 

  2. Fifth missed test: Extension of Probation for a full year from the date of the fifth missed test.

  3. Sixth missed test: Automatic loss of all campus privileges, including housing, except to attend classes. Remote or distance learning is not offered this semester. It will be the responsibility of the student to secure local and off-campus housing. Students who lose campus privileges must continue to test in order to attend classes.

  4. Seventh missed test: Immediate Suspension from the College.

Campus Departure Plan

Students in residence must develop a plan for departing campus in the event Bowdoin is required to unexpectedly close campus due to a COVID-19 outbreak or other public health emergency. Students will have seventy-two (72) hours from the time of any closure announcement to depart campus.   

The College recognizes that a sudden closure may present challenges for some members of our community. Should Bowdoin be required to close campus before May 22, 2022, students who anticipate that they would experience undue hardship as a result of closure should bring their situation to the attention of their dean as soon as possible. However, the College wants to be as transparent as possible that it is currently unknown how much, if at all, Bowdoin will be able to assist, which is why all students are asked to please plan accordingly.  

A plan should include how the student will travel from campus, where they will stay, and how they will remove their belongings.   

Visitors and Guests 

Any visitor or guest to campus, who is not a member of the Bowdoin community (defined as current enrolled students, faculty, and staff) must be fully vaccinated and provide proof or attestation of vaccination if requested by a College official.  

For reasons related to public health, non-Bowdoin guests are NOT PERMITTED inside residential spaces, regardless of the guest's vaccination status, at any point during the 2021-22 Academic Year. Students hosting other Bowdoin students are expected to comply with the Campus Status Level in effect at the time of the visit.  

Students may not host non-Bowdoin guests overnight. Because of the significant risk to the health of our campus, students in violation this policy will lose on-campus housing privileges.  

Students visiting with non-Bowdoin guests on campus are expected to do so outside.