Student Research Involving the Use of Human Subjects, Animal Subjects or Hazardous Materials Policy

All student research that uses human subjects (including interviews and surveys), animals, and/or any studies involving potentially hazardous materials or procedures carried out as an agent of Bowdoin College or on Bowdoin College property, must be under the supervision of a Bowdoin College faculty member.  Supervision and trainings are required even when the study is not a formal independent study or honors research project.  Trainings must be completed prior to the start of the research  project. For trainings specific to your project, contact your faculty supervisor.

In addition, research projects may require that you submit a research protocol to the Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee, Institutional Review Board, or Institutional Biosafety Committee. Research may not begin until the protocol has been approved.

Federal regulations do not allow protocols to be reviewed retroactively. If there is a possibility that your research project might be published, have your protocol reviewed by the appropriate committee before you begin to collect data.

The staff listed below are available to answer all of your questions and direct you to what you need to do to begin your research project.

The faculty member is responsible for ensuring that the study follows Bowdoin College policies and federal regulations for:

Students in violation of these policies are subject to disciplinary action.