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You've Always Had A Say In Your Kid's Life. Why Stop Now?

You saw them through childhood. Proudly watched them graduate. And watched them pack their bags for college with a mixture of joy and sadness. But as much as they've grown, they need you now more than ever. Even though we go to extraordinary lengths to help them explore and prepare for their chosen career path, there's one thing we can't do: fill the role of parents.

As a Bowdoin parent, your involvement can make a tremendous difference in the effectiveness of our program, not only for your son or daughter, but for other Bowdoin students as well. This is your guide to helping your son or daughter and other Bowdoin students succeed in this transitional time of their lives. Simply click on the links below to get started.

Did We Mention Other Bowdoin Students?

We did. But it bears mentioning again. The "find-a-career" game is really a match game. While your your son or daughter may not want to follow in your professional footsteps, there's a Bowdoin student out there who would relish the opportunity to receive advice or have a connection in the field. You're in a position to open more doors than you may realize.