Guiding Your Bowdoin Student

One Of The Most Powerful Tools In Our Approach To Career Planning Is You.

Parent MentoringSurveys show that parents play a more influential role in their children's career decision-making process than ever before. A parent offers years of professional experience, connections, and sound advice for students entering the professional realm for the first time. Bowdoin Career Planning is here to help guide you through this time as you accept the responsibility of listening to and supporting your son or daughter through the exploration and pursuit of a career path.

The Question Isn't Whether Or Not You Can Make A Difference.
It's How Big It Will Be.

Our goal at Bowdoin Career Planning is to help your child leverage the skills they have developed as a liberal arts student in the professional world. Our distinct three-phase approach to career planning allows your son or daughter to Explore, Experience, and Pursue various career paths.

A Voice That Matters Is A Voice That Is Heard.

As a parent, you're in a unique position to help your son or daughter fully engage in our three phases of career planning. First, we urge you to encourage your son or daughter to engage in career exploration as early as his or her first year — there is a strong correlation between early effort and results in the job search. For many, the best way to begin is to meet with one of our Explore stage Career Advisors, advisors that guide each student in a process of self-assessment and discovery.

Okay, So Maybe They Still Don't Make Their Beds.
But There's Hope — The Stakes Are Much Higher Now.

One way to increase the chance of success is to encourage participation in the Bowdoin Career Planning student website. It's our dynamic website with expert blogs and sector specific advice videos and content dedicated to sharing practical and tactical information and tools about a myriad of career paths.

Another thing you can do is encourage updating of his or her eBear profile. eBear is Bowdoin's recruiting website, full of jobs and internships, but it's also the master calendar of career related events and workshops. The more we know about your son or daughter's interests, the more we can help.

If They Try It, They Might Like It.

Three summers – that's all the warm weather that stands between a first-year student and the "real world" beyond Bowdoin. By encouraging your son or daughter to seek meaningful summer internships, you increase the chances that he or she will find early career satisfaction. It's a great way to get a realistic perspective of careers they're considering, and to learn early on if an industry or field is a good match for their skills and personalities. Urge them as well to maximize the use of their winter and spring breaks. Those present great opportunities for a short internship, networking meetings, or shadowing experience.