Guiding Other Bowdoin Students

The Kind Of Help You Would've Wanted When You Were Starting Out.

MentoringYou may remember a key person or two who opened a door for you early in your career. Now it's time to return the favor. As a Bowdoin parent, you are in a unique position to help other Bowdoin students. You know firsthand how bright, energetic, and capable Bowdoin students are. Although your son or daughter may or may not want to pursue your chosen career, there will certainly be students who could greatly appreciate your advice or connections within your field of expertise.

It truly is a match game — your participation in the overall Bowdoin network is essential to making Bowdoin Career Planning its best by providing our students with as many opportunities as possible.

For a Bowdoin student starting out, your perspective and professional or life experience can make all the difference. You may know of the perfect job or internship experience, or be in a position to hire a Bowdoin student yourself. You can make a big impact simply by sharing an hour or two of your time to explain your industry and field to a student hoping to understand it better. There are many different ways you can help. It's just a matter getting involved.

Your Advice Isn't Just Valuable. Today, It's Crucial.

You can serve as a valuable resource to Bowdoin students by making yourself available as a networking contact or mentor. We encourage you to join the Bowdoin Career Advisory Network (BCAN), a LinkedIn group open to current students, alumni, and parents. As a parent, we also encourage you to join the BCAN for Parents sub-group. These key vital networking communities allows students to learn about careers of interest from thousands of Bowdoin parents who have volunteered to provide advice and direction on their fields. It also provides a way for students to reach out to you and request the opportunity to learn what you know and who you know.