There's Nothing Wrong With Dreaming. As Long As There's Some Doing.

Bowdoin Career Planning does a lot more than "planning." The Pursue phase of our approach is about taking action — concrete steps that transform aspirations into rewarding jobs, graduate studies or research and fellowships. Our students' motivations, ambitions, and achievements are important to us. They have chosen Bowdoin as the foundation of their academic preparation. We therefore owe it to them to complement the quality of their education with post-college planning resources that are equally excellent.

Planning for the future

The Job Looks For You.
(Yes, We Do Things Differently.)

Here, opportunity knocks often. Every year, Bowdoin's On-Campus Recruiting Program hosts more than 70 employers for information sessions and on-campus interviews, many of which are run by Bowdoin alumni. Bowdoin is also a member of the off-campus recruiting consortium, Eastern College Career Day, which brings together students from selective liberal arts schools to interview with employers in Boston and New York.

To give students the competitive edge, our alumni, working within many companies, often coach students as they prepare for second-round on-site interviews. Other alumni, Bowdoin staff and local professionals volunteer to provide in-person mock interviews, which are taped and reviewed to fine-tune student preparation and to simulate real-world conditions.

Prepare For The Next Stage Of Success, As You Define It.

Bowdoin Career Planning recognizes that the career paths of our students are individual. "Cookie-cutter" career planning doesn't exist here. What we do provide is a network of resources to support students who plan to enroll in graduate or professional school studies. This includes a Pre-Law Advising Program, guiding students through the application process to law school, now or down the road, Health Professions Advising, coaching students on medical school application and MCAT preparation, and Fellowships & Research Advising, supporting research on-campus and advising on application and preparation for nationally competitive post-graduate fellowships like the Watson, Rhodes and Fulbright.