Our Approach

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Our Students Were Already Smart When They Got Here.
We Just Make Them Wiser.

We believe if you want to make a difference in life, it helps to do things differently. If we want our students to make a difference in the world, we owe it to them to make our approach to career planning just as distinctive.

Years of experience helping students make successful transitions from the academic to the professional or post-graduate world have led us to an approach to career planning consisting of three-phases: Explore, Experience, and Pursue. This approach allows students to explore their interests and passions, discover their strengths, and make their career ambitions a reality.

Explore, Experience, and Pursue is based on a simple truth: preparing students for what lies ahead takes a lot more than just having a career planning center on campus. It's a long-term, active commitment to understanding students' individual needs, as well as reaching out to them with engaging, motivating tactics along with resources and tools to help them face real-world situations.