Support Students

There's No Telling How Far Your Success Could Take Someone Else.

Student StudyingBeing part of someone's success is gratifying. It's something you can feel good about for the rest of your life. And it's exciting — who knows where your effort will eventually take a talented and ambitious Bowdoin student? This is why one of the biggest things you can do as an alumnus is encourage your organization to recruit Bowdoin students. It's an excellent way to give back to Bowdoin, and a great way to help your organization attract talented employees.

You can also help support students through career experience talks we hold both on-campus or by video conference. Call Bowdoin Career Planning directly at (207) 725-3717 for more information or see the Employers section of the Bowdoin Career Planning site.

Bowdoin Career Planning also hosts Bowdoin Connection Receptions where alumni can meet current students and other alumni and share their experiences.

If you think there are untapped opportunities to engage Bowdoin students and would like to discuss strategies for developing a recruiting relationship with your firm, please call Todd Herrmann, Associate Director of Employer Relations, at (207) 725-3704, or email

For more information regarding our recruiting programs, visit the Employer section of the Bowdoin Career Planning site, or click on the links below.