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Welcome To Bowdoin Career Planning.
If It Seems Familiar, It's Because You Were Once Here Yourself.

Remember when you were looking for your first job? Today, there's a new crop of Polar Bears who could benefit from your wisdom and professional associations. Bowdoin Career Planning is successful in part because of the contribution of our alumni. For example, last year alone, more than 100 alumni helped Bowdoin students achieve their dreams through on-campus events.

Bowdoin Career Planning is here to assist alumni, too. Here, you'll learn how you can help Bowdoin Students find the right career path or job — but you can also access valuable career resources for your own professional development.

A Polar Bear Never Leaves A Polar Bear Out In The Cold.

As you know, being part of Bowdoin is like having an extended family — we're a strong community with a common bond and a shared commitment to the common good. Just as you may have in the past, today's graduates depend on this strong connection to help them get started.

You may have already thought about how you can help Bowdoin students and fellow alumni. One way is serving as a member of the Bowdoin Career Advisory Network, informally advising students (or other Bowdoin alumni) and providing them with information about your field or industry.

You can also serve on an alumni panel or host an information session about your profession. And of course, you can use your influence at your organization to champion the recruitment of Bowdoin students for internships and full time opportunities. Whatever you choose to do, helping Bowdoin students launch their careers is an easy, satisfying way to give back to the college.